Frequently asked questions

Zirconia (cz) is a synthetic stone. It cannot be found in nature. We set zirconia stones in certain rings to copy the optical effect of a brilliant in the best possible way. Zirconia can be cut in various forms. 

It is really difficult to distinguish imitation diamonds from the real ones with the naked eye. Zirconia stones are less sparkling. The lower density of the mineral makes them not as hard as diamonds. As a result, these imitation diamonds become quicker matt and get more easily scratched. The biggest difference you will feel in your pocket, of course.

As imitation diamonds, their most popular colour is white or colourless. Cubic zirconia are also available in deep black, emerald green or amethyst violet. The sapphire blue, ruby red and aquamarine blue colours are made artificially: these are synthetically coloured stones.

No, not all colours are available in zirconia stones. In this way, the sapphire blue, ruby red and aquamarine blue colours are made artificially. These are synthetically coloured stones.

Some models (stainless steel, black steel, silver) from the AMICI collection give you the option to buy the ring with cubic zirconia or diamond.  More information can be found in the product details and the possible variants of the selected ring. Rings by Mémoire, AURODESIGN, tessina, Traditions, Pre Wedding Ringcollection and f'OrU are not available with cubic zirconia stones.