Vintage wedding rings for a unique wedding

When looking for special rings or unique wedding rings, choosing vintage rings or designer wedding rings is also possible. These will certainly create an unforgettable occasion and gesture. In addition, vintage rings are also eagerly collected by enthusiasts.


Different kinds of vintage rings

Vintage has different meanings. Vintage rings can refer to old rings being repaired. Vintage rings often refer to the period between 1920 and 1970 till 1980. Everything dating back to prior 1920 is classified as antique jewellery and rings. The more unique the jewel, the more precious it is. When vintage pieces are restored and modernized, this is called customized vintage. However, this can also refer to newly designed rings having old looks of a previous time spirit. New vintage creates vintage having a new look.

In addition, wearing both antique and vintage jewellery is very trendy. Vintage look jewellery are very sought after and fashionable. Jewellery having old looks is made by various known designers and ensures a completely personal style. Usually this involves handmade crafted accessories, pieces and jewellery. Even done up, old jewels can have great value.


Golden vintage rings

For years gold has belonged to the most precious metals throughout history and has been used for a very long time for making jewellery. Gold is always simple to recuperate and reuse accordingly. This metal can be easily melted, is durable and possesses a warm look and beautiful shine. Using this material offers a range of possibilities. The gold is often combined with other precious metals and gemstones such as diamonds and brilliants.

Vintage is extremely popular and has been fashionable for years. Most vintage rings and jewellery are golden. What is vintage worn may look old, but never worn.  Most original and precious vintage rings and jewellery contain gold. Undamaged vintage is very much in demand and its prices are usually high. In order to determine the value of vintage rings and jewellery, and just like with other jewels, the gold hallmark and content needs to be checked.


Vintage rings and jewellery are extremely popular

Vintage rings and jewellery are highly in demand and for various reasons. For years jewellery has been worn to decorate and distinguish oneself from the others. Jewellery contributes to expressing your personality and uniqueness. That is also the reason why vintage rings and designer wedding rings are so popular, i.e. their special look, unique design and handmade production. People love vintage because it means owning a unique and personal jewel.

In addition, vintage rings are reminders of golden days gone by. They also entail a certain nostalgia. Vintage jewellery became popular after the war, and celebrating this event, is entirely reflected in its style. Vintage is characterized by many bows, ribbons and other cheerful and colourful decorations. Vintage also has a romantic and fairytale look. Vintage rings make your retro outfit complete.

The wedding rings of Traditions, AURODESIGN, tessina, Pre Wedding Ringcollection and Mémoire  are also customizable. All wedding rings of Van den Bosch and Van Ranst are handmade in Belgium, just like AMICI and their other jewellery brands. The choice of materials consists of, among other things, 585 gold, however, white gold wedding rings and titanium wedding rings are also possible. Choose to put a valuable and personalised wedding ring on a hand  and rely on a recognized jeweller.