Titanium wedding rings are forever

Titanium wedding rings look modern and are increasingly being asked due to their various strong qualities. They are the perfect symbol of a solid relationship.


Titanium wedding rings for titans

Titanium takes its name from the Greek mythology referring to power. Uranus and Gaea had twelve sons who were called the titans. They each had strong talents to which titanium refers. Throughout history, rings have been used to emphasize commitment and promise. They have a symbolic meaning as they allow for celebrating various precious moments. The strength of the material emphasizes the symbolic meaning of titanium wedding rings even further.


The power of titanium wedding rings

Titanium is often combined with gold for a more luxurious look, such as titanium wedding rings for example. Most gold jewellery is composed of an alloy whereby other metals and gold are mixed. Titanium has a more modern and tough look.


A ring can have several profiles such as flat, low round, medium round and high round. For a round profile the ring needs to have a certain thickness. The roundness on the outside ensures that the rings feel comfortable. Comfort is highly important for a ring meant to be worn for a longer period.


Titanium is extremely light and yet stronger than steel, it keeps its shape and it is non-oxidizing. That is the reason why titanium is used in both aircraft industry and aerospace. Titanium keeps its shape extremely well, so size adjustments are no longer possible. Wearing titanium wedding rings gives a special and comfortable feeling.


The advantages of titanium wedding rings

Using titanium wedding rings makes the wedding very special. Titanium has several exceptional qualities. As Titanium weighs so little, you barely feel that you are wearing a jewel. In addition, it guarantees perfect comfort. Furthermore it does not cause any allergic reactions, making it ideal for people with skin allergies. Titanium is resistant to extreme temperature changes, chlorine and salt. As titanium wedding rings are strong, they can also be perfectly worn at work.


Titanium wedding rings provide a more modern look

Pure titanium wedding rings have a light grey colour with a sometimes slightly faint, brown shine. Titanium wedding rings are often combined with other materials, precious metals and precious stones. This way Zirconia can be used without damaging the stones when setting and there is no risk of stones falling out of the jewel. Brilliants and diamonds are also incorporated regularly for a more luxurious look.


Wedding rings are no longer standard made out of 585 gold . Nowadays rings are being more and more personalised. That is the reason why people choose other materials such as white gold wedding rings. Vintage rings , however, are also popular. Van den Bosch en Van Ranst offers high-quality jewellery for those wanting a wedding ring on their hand. There are, for example, the AMICI, Traditions, AURODESIGN, tessina and Mémoire collections, and more.