About Traditions Deluxe

Design your bicolor or multicolor gold wedding ring in the blink of an eye

Because you like a traditional design in 2 colours

With the concept Traditions Deluxe you create your golden wedding band in 6 steps.

First you choose the profile or shape of the ring (6T, 7T, 8T, 9T) and then the colour pairings. There are 24 multicoloured or bicoloured colour combinations in which yellow gold, or rose gold, is always combined with rhodinated white gold. The third step is to choose the thickness of the ring (1.6 - 2.0 - 2.4 mm).

In the fourth step you choose whether you prefer a shiny or a matt finish (0 -3).

And as a fifth step you may choose from 8 different diamond settings, with one or more stones. For the bride, a row of 9 or 15 diamonds is particularly elegant and timeless. As a last step you determine the width of the wedding ring (3mm - 3.5mm - 4.5mm - 5mm - 6mm - 7mm - 8mm).

Interestingly, with a few simple adjustments, you will always stay within the set budget. Traditions Deluxe is an elegant and timeless design in multicolor or bicolor gold!

Click here and start configuring your dream wedding ring right away!

Why choose a VdB&VR ring?

Guaranteed to be a pleasure to wear for years.

VdB&VR offers an incredible choice. Ranging from classical, traditional style to hand-made and trendy designs.

Do you choose gold, or are you the platinum, palladium, high-quality steel, Black Steel, titanium or silver type? Brilliant or zirkonium? Are you on a tight budget or are you looking for an exclusive ring?

VdB&VR always guarantees outstanding quality through combining innovative production methods and traditional craftsmanship. 100% made in Belgium and a real lifelong wearing pleasure.

8B160VW/35€ 1.538
8B160XW/30€ 1.654
8B163-W/40€ 1.235
8C160-W/40€ 1.224
8C160VW/35€ 1.538
8C160WW/30€ 1.391