About Mémoire

Brilliant Moments, Precious Memories

Those memories cherished most, deserve a wonderful reminder

Mémoire is a collection of 18ct or 14ct gold rings allowing you to treasure those most precious moments forever. The Mémoire collection stands for a range of exquisite rings, finished with brilliants of an exceptionally high quality. Each diamond is meticulously hand-set.

This ring will evolve together with you. For each memorable occasion in your life, such as graduation, your baby’s birth or your wedding anniversary, it will allow you to add an extra diamond. Would you prefer choosing another Mémoire ring? This is also possible and lifelong. Read more about this unique concept here or visit your jeweller.

Cherish your most special and amazing memories by wearing a Mémoire ring. 

Why choose a VdB&VR ring?

Guaranteed to be a pleasure to wear for years.

VdB&VR offers an incredible choice. Ranging from classical, traditional style to hand-made and trendy designs.

Do you choose gold, or are you the platinum, palladium, high-quality steel, Black Steel, titanium or silver type? Brilliant or zirkonium? Are you on a tight budget or are you looking for an exclusive ring?

VdB&VR always guarantees outstanding quality through combining innovative production methods and traditional craftsmanship. 100% made in Belgium and a real lifelong wearing pleasure.

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WB08WHA/04€ 1.115
WB13G11/01€ 923
WB13W15/01€ 1.147
WB20G09/01€ 1.089
WB20W13/01€ 1.394
WE08GPA/01€ 782