About Traditions

Personal Ring Design

Design your own wedding or partner ring

Traditions is a collection offering endless options. It holds on to traditional values and pure design.

Choose from 6 classical forms (4T, 5T, 6T, 7T, 8T, 9T) from flat to round, and find the ring that suits you best. Next choose the material and colour your ring will be made of. Gold (18ct, 14ct) in yellow, white, champagne (natural white), or red gold. Platinum in silver white and palladium (Pd500) in light grey.

Do you like a narrow ring or a broad, rugged ring? The widths of TRADITIONS rings vary from 2 mm to 8 mm. High gloss or matt? Select from 4 different finishes. With or without brilliants? Depending on the model and selected thickness, you can choose 12 different stone settings.

Configure your ring here and see at once what your dream ring looks like. Take your unique reference to your jeweller.

Why choose a VdB&VR ring?

Guaranteed to be a pleasure to wear for years.

VdB&VR offers an incredible choice. Ranging from classical, traditional style to hand-made and trendy designs.

Do you choose gold, or are you the platinum, palladium, high-quality steel, Black Steel, titanium or silver type? Brilliant or zirkonium? Are you on a tight budget or are you looking for an exclusive ring?

VdB&VR always guarantees outstanding quality through combining innovative production methods and traditional craftsmanship. 100% made in Belgium and a real lifelong wearing pleasure.

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6T160HG/40€ 1.227
6T160JG/40€ 668
7T160IN/70€ 1.390
7T160KW/35€ 925
7T160KW/40€ 1.030
7T160KW/50€ 1.188