Fine Belgian quality. Guaranteed to be a pleasure to wear for years.

We forge exceptional ties.

Gold smithy VdB&VR is a leading, family manufacturing company. We are specialized in designing and manufacturing wedding rings, partner rings and friendship rings.

For couples wanting to seal their love by exchanging an exquisite ring. For the partner in search of a special ring for his or her loved one. Do you find the choice so overwhelming that choosing an appropriate ring is nearly impossible? Do you want to be sure about buying your ultimate ring in complete confidence?

VdB&VR offers an incredible choice, ranging from classical, traditional style to hand-made and trendy designs. Do you choose gold, or are you the platinum, palladium, high-quality steel, black steel, titanium or silver type? Do you like lasting, sparkling diamonds or would you go for affordable zirkonia stones? Are you on a tight budget or are you looking for that unique, exclusive ring? The recognized jewellery dealers are happy to advise you in your choice.

VdB&VR always guarantees outstanding quality through combining innovative production methods and traditional craftsmanship. All our rings are 100% made in Belgium and wearing them really is a lifelong pleasure.


Our rings have a huge emotional and symbolic meaning. Forever.

Designing a new model is team work.

Our own team of designers combines traditional methods with the latest CAD/CAM techniques to design the ring. This is a continuous process both inspired by our customers’ ideas as well as visiting international jewellery fairs.

Every year new, unique models are introduced to the collections. It is our mission to launch both trendy as well as timeless classics on the market that suit everyone’s budget.


Van den Bosch & Van Ranst is Belgian market leader. Specialised in the goldsmith craftsmanship of rings.

The first step of making your ring starts like this

The production starts with the alloy composition (18K, 14K, 9K) and subsequently the casting of tubes in yellow gold, natural white gold en pink gold. Possibly other methods can be used to make gold tubes in the right size and thickness, but this traditional process of putting a force of 60.000 kg on the tube, guarantees an extremely strong ring. The high-tech production methods are carried out through CNC lathes and cutters, and are innovatively combines with almost 75 year old goldsmith craftsmanship. This ensures an amazing quality. Both for rings in precious metals (gold, platinum and palladium), as well as rings in high-quality steel, black steel, titanium and silver.


Our values are worth your confidence

A better world (fair trade)

VdB&VR guarantees that the brilliants, whether large or small, set in one of its products, are always conflict-free. Only natural stones of the finest quality are used. Diamonds and other raw materials are exclusively purchased from reliable sources, leading to longstanding and good business relationships. Only by doing so we respect our ethical values and actively work towards a better world.

Environmentally friendly

Out of respect for people who exchange our rings during one of the most special moments in their lives, and for everybody’s ecological awareness, we only work with high-quality raw materials and well maintained machines. We have environmental standards.

Respect, flexibility and mutual trust

We believe in long-term relationships with our customers. Mutual trust plays an important role herein. Our customers count on us and like working with us because of our flexibility and quality. This means that we try and fulfil your individual wishes as much as possible. Because it makes us very proud seeing you wear our ring!

Focussed on tomorrow

Although the old craftsmanship continues to play a crucial and valuable role, VdB&VR keeps investing in new technologies, research and developments. For innovating is thinking about tomorrow! 

Our milestones

Our company throughout the years

Emergence of VdB&VR

The Van den Bosch & Van Ranst gold smithy was founded in 1948 by Jos Van den Bosch and René Van Ranst. One had gold, the other was goldsmith. The so-called signet ring formed the corner stone of their success.


Decision taken to specialise in wedding rings

Although signet rings were extremely popular, other jewellery, including rings, earrings, necklaces and pendants, was also made in its own gold foundry and gold smithy. A special selection of jewellery was chosen and bought in Asia. Our staff’s knowhow and the range of rings on the Belgian market were crucial in the strategic decision to specialize in wedding and relationship rings. New models are added to the collections on a yearly basis.


Creation of brands and start of an advanced automation

In order to meet the Belgian jewellers’ many questions and needs, various other collections of partner rings were launched on the market. AUROMEMOIRE was split up into 2 collections: AURODESIGN and MEMOIRE. Additionally Traditions, tessina, Pre Wedding Ringcollection and AMICI were created. The former production manager, who had proven himself in the Automotive industry, was a strong believer in automation. Rings were produced through a combination of craftsmanship and industrially steered CNC lathes and cutters. To date, our production still performs daily ‘weddings’ between industrial and traditional applications. 



Our expertly made relationship rings are a success for Belgian jewellers. VdB&VR is market leader. In order to make our dream come true, i. e. becoming one of Europe’s most important production houses, we need more volume. We are looking beyond our own borders. Our quality, knowhow and flexibility appeal to foreign wholesale dealers. New contracts are entered into. We are now making relationship rings for big customers in Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Spain and Norway. 


Management professionalizes

Obviously the founders’ children are involved in the company as the passing on of knowledge and knowhow to one’s blood line is inherent to human beings. These talented, young adults have developed their own commercial activities and marketing strategies and brought the production methods to a higher level. If the grandchildren were also to play a significant role, then both the family and professional interests would have become more and more interwoven and complex. Under the guidance of an external consultant other key points were set out and newer insights acquired. As a result, this more professional approach has led to VdB&VR being able to meet its customers’ expectations every day. 


Introduction of CAD-CAM revolutionizes new developments

Development plays a crucial role as we introduce about 10 new models to each collection every year. Our target is to innovate and optimise these procedures. We count on our brilliant engineers to immediately be able to have each ring custom-made, i.e. from the smallest size 45 to the biggest size 75. Because for every now model and size, a programme needs to be developed for the CNC machines. In order to map both mechanical and handmade steps, the prototype of the ring was used as a starting point. With the advent of CAD/CAM, however, we first make a computer technical (CAD) drawing of the ring. Then the processor (CAM) ‘reads’ the drawing and converts it into a programme that can be directly read by the industrially steered CNC lathes and cutters. Each machine no longer needs to be operated manually. CAD/CAM allows us not only to gain efficiency, but also expand our technical possibilities. This high-tech working method, however, still remains a huge challenge for both engineers as well as designer goldsmiths.


New website integrates all the ring collections

The individual websites of the different collections are all brought together under one new website. This is an entirely new approach. VdB&VR is no longer invisible and works now ‘before’ instead of ‘behind’ the scenes of the end consumer. Our jewellers taught us the importance for their customers of knowing where the ring is made. From now on, you can find the perfect ring for every occasion on one website. In addition, the customer is put into direct contact with the jeweller where the ring can be bought.

The ‘configurate your rings’ button also immediately launches the new Ring Configurator. This took about 2 years of intensive development. It is just fantastic to be able to visualize all the endless possibilities of ‘TRADITIONS’ along with the correct price. What a revelation!


The ringcollection f'OrU ...

Vdb&VR has launched f'OrU, a new wedding and relationship ring collection in a pure handmade and organic style. 


From now on every VdB&VR ring is featured in the Ring Configurator!

In the past you could already choose from the thousands of possibilities of the Traditions- and AMICI-box collection, our traditional and timeless wedding rings. Now you can configure any VdB&VR ring you like. What a luxury it is to choose your own custom-made ring via the Ring Configurator!


Wedding rings with a unique fingerprint

To meet jewellers’ needs and present wedding ring trends, VdB&VR has developed an innovative concept for jewellers. Thanks to the in-house software, the expansion of the online ordering website, the cutting-edge laser engraving technology and fingerprint scanner, every Traditions wedding ring with or without brilliants can be engraved with 1 or 2 unique fingerprints. The result is an 18 carat or 14 carat traditional and unique wedding ring of the highest quality!

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