585 gold as popular standard

To be considered as gold, it needs to consist out of more than half of pure gold. That is why we refer to gold as from 14 ct or 585 gold. The amount of gold determines the value of gold.


The value of gold and 585 carat gold

The value of gold is expressed in carat and it is usually visible in the golden object.

Carat is the unit of mass of precious metals and its abbreviation is ct. or c. Among other things, it is used to express the quantity of carat in gold. 1 carat equals 1/24th part of pure gold, so the purest gold is 24 carat. 


8 carat gold contains 33,3% pure gold, 12 carat gold is 50% pure gold, 14 carat gold contains 58,5% gold, 18 carat gold contains 75% gold, 20 carat gold contains 83,3% gold, 21 carat contains 87,5% gold, 22 carat gold contains 91,6% gold and 24 carat gold contains 99,9% gold. The higher the carat, the higher the percentage of gold.


Carat is a unit indicating the authenticity and purity of gold. 14 carat is one of the most common gold contents, also called 585 gold. The purity of gold is measured in carat. The higher the carat number, the purer the gold. The higher the carat gold, the higher the price.


The popular 585 gold content number

The carat amount is also given a number to clarify its content. There is 14 carat 585 gold, 18 carat 750 gold, 20 carat 833 gold, 21 carat 875 gold, 21,6 carat 900 gold, 22 carat 916 gold, 23 carat 983 gold and 24 carat 999 gold bar of gold. 24 carat gold is considered to be pure gold. The gold content is identified according to hallmarks that differ per carat amount. 585 gold is the most common content, therefore the frequently asked question how much it is worth. The content is indicated through a percentage out of 100 or 1000.


Test the purity of gold and 585 gold

As gold is a valuable precious metal, it is important to check its purity and uniqueness. There are different ways to test the purity of gold. For example, gold can be tested through applying a liquid on a freshly-made, small scratch. This liquid consists of a combination of nitric acid and hydrochloric acid.


To determine the value of gold, both gold content and gold weight need to be known. The weight of the gold needs to match the gold content indicated on the gold. Real pure gold weighs a lot and feels rather heavy. The weight of gold is 19,33 g/cm3.


To correctly measure the weight of gold, a professional jeweller uses calibrated scales that measure accurately. Calibrated scales are recognisable through the stickers alongside the scales, including those of Verispect supervising the Metrology Act. During the weighing a professional and recognized jeweller allows the customer to watch and look at the displayed weight. The Archimedes test also allows to check the weight by submerging the gold under water and calculating the weight based on volume displacement.


Gold hallmark and 585 gold

Pure gold has a typical, yellow colour and contains hallmarks. The content mark or hallmark is displayed on the gold to guarantee the prescribed content, including 585 gold. The purity of gold is often indicated through a hallmark or gold mark. This used to be done by a stamp, nowadays it is lasered. The hallmark indication often consisted of the content number and a mark. This mark differs per region and throughout history, and is, for example, also important when defining the value of vintage rings.


Following the gold price

The gold price per gram is important when selling your gold. The gold price depends on the gold content expressed in carat. In addition, there is a difference between ready available gold bars and gold ingot, and scrap gold. Scrap gold or old gold first needs to be processed before it is reusable, resulting in extra costs and smelting loss.


The alloy determines the characteristics and value of the gold. White gold wedding rings are, for example, composed of an alloy. By choosing to mix gold with another metal, it becomes less valuable, but also less vulnerable. In this way, gold becomes more usable for most applications. As such the 585 gold content is excellent for jewellery.


In addition, the gold price is also influenced by its evolution. The worldwide gold price is continuously evolving and the gold price varies constantly, for that reason, following it is interesting. The given price for gold is also higher when gold is traded for gold instead of currency. Certain jewellers also charge extra for possible costs they need to make.


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