An AMICI ring for every special occasion

AMICI offers a contemporary collection of rings and jewellery. The jewels are subject to regular verification points in the production process. By doing so, AMICI always ensures the best quality. This brand can be found at the better class of jewellers belonging to the official dealer list.


AMICI designer jewellery

The Belgian jewellery brand AMICI offers a highly contemporary collection with a modern look. The designer jewellery has a high-quality finish and is made from 100% anti-allergic materials. This allows AMICI rings to distinguish themselves from the traditional and classical wedding rings. In addition to high-quality finish, the brand also offers a wide choice of materials. Therefore everyone finds nice jewellery according to one’s taste and at affordable prices.


AMICI rings for a special relationship

Exchanging rings is a centuries-old tradition with a special meaning. In many different cultures a ring symbolizes love. It also stands for eternity as a ring has no beginning nor end. It is not a coincidence that the wedding ring, given by couples to each other at their wedding, is the best-known ring. There are, however, many other moments whereby a ring is a beautiful gift.


AMICI rings are the perfect way to show someone how much you appreciate them. A ring is a special gift, a sign of continuous thinking of a loved one. The brand not only offers weddings rings, but also relationship rings, friendship rings and rings in general. AMICI relationship rings and friendship rings are the perfect gift for young couples and early-stage relationships. These rings are the ideal way to express your feelings and emotions.


In addition to showing your love for someone or expressing how valuable you consider a relationship, a ring also allows you to express your own personality. The AMICI Pink Collection is committed to being yourself, whatever your orientation. The AMICI Pink Collection was created to support to the LGB community. The rings symbolize long-term relationships among gays, lesbians and bisexuals. They are also a way of showing your orientation to the outside world in a beautiful, symbolic way. Besides being affordable, the collection appeals to all ages.


AMICI is for everyone

AMICI rings are made from various metals, offering something to suit every taste and budget. Both rings and wedding rings are available in stainless steel, titanium, silver and 18 ct gold.


Steel is an indestructible and durable metal. AMICI only uses top quality iron ore. The titanium wedding rings symbolize an indestructible relationship. To ensure a more beautiful finish, the AMICI collection often combines titanium with 9 ct gold. The silver AMICI rings have a pure, white shine and the golden AMICI rings possess a natural glow. They are lasting and valuable, just like a marriage.


In order to express everyone’s feelings in the best possible way, there is also the AMICI box with fully customizable traditional rings. The choice of materials includes Black Steel, Steel, Titanium, Palladium, Silver, 9 ct White and 9 ct Yellow.


Upon careful choice of materials, the precise alloy proportions are brought together to make a high-quality mixture. Prior to professional manufacturing of the rings, the proper ring size and thickness first need to be determined. Next the ring goes to the stone setting department where the desired stones are set. Diamonds can be attached to gold and steel AMICI rings. Afterwards the ring is further treated to obtain a shiny or matt effect.


Diamond is the hardest, purest and most sparkling precious stone to be found in nature. Sometimes diamonds are slid into small rectangles in order to link them closely. This pavé technique allows the diamonds on your AMICI jewel to sparkle even more.


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