A jeweller makes you shine

The most beautiful gift is still a magnificent jewel. High-quality jewellery and jewellery brands are found at a recognized jeweller. At a jeweller’s, you can both buy and have jewellery repaired.


Jeweller or goldsmith?

Don’t mistake a jeweller for a goldsmith. A goldsmith makes jewellery on behalf of a jeweller. A jeweller sells jewellery and sometimes also carries out repairs. A professional jeweller is renowned and offers good quality at a correct price.  Consequently he will have to control the price level of the jewellery in order to keep supplying quality products. On top of that, as a professional, he will also offer a guarantee on his products sold.


A jeweller is trained

A recognised jeweller has followed training in order to practise his trade and to be able to determine the value of jewellery correctly. A jeweller can train to become a jewellery designer. Training possibilities are numerous: jewellery creation can be followed in secondary schools, jewellery design in higher education within the visual arts division and jeweller and goldsmith in evening classes.


A jeweller’s workshop

A jeweller has a workshop to carry out jewellery repairs and restoration. He can clean jewellery, apply engravings, adjust rings, weld necklaces, replace clasps and fastenings, and more.


A jeweller also takes care of the purchase of old gold. He can do the melting himself, or have it done by an external smelter. He often works together with a goldsmith, usually at the same location.


There are also more and more online jewellers: they are only active on the internet and as such only sell their jewellery online. The reason for doing so is that exclusive online trading can save the expensive cost of commercial premises.


A jeweller’s job is versatile

A professional jeweller is also aware of the latest trends within the jewellery sector and knows how to advise his customers perfectly. A good jeweller works meticulously and in a perfectionist way. He has many customer contacts and is in direct contact with goldsmiths and jewellery suppliers.


A specialised jeweller

A jeweller can specialise in knowing about and working with certain precious metals. In addition, he can also specialise in the selling and repairing of certain products, such as watches for example, or jewellery. However, there are also jewellers who specialise in different areas of expertise.


A jeweller’s innovative techniques

The techniques used by a jeweller are constantly changing and evolving. Such a new technique, for example, is the use of a 3D printer. This allows the customer to personally design the jewel, and first try it on to see how it looks, before having it created. First the desired jewel is discussed, then sketched, subsequently a 3D replica is made and finally a real jewel is produced. In this way, it becomes easier for customers to own their dream jewel and to wear a personally designed and hand-made jewel.


At a recognised jeweller you can find both white gold wedding rings and titanium wedding rings, as well as jewellery in 585 gold. For those who dream of having a wedding ring on their hand, the collections of Van den Bosch and speciliVan Ranst are an absolute must. These include, among others, AMICI, Traditions and Mémoire. Nowadays vintage rings are also extremely popular.