High-quality jewellery brands provide certainty

Jewellery has been worn for generations and is made by goldsmiths. Worldwide gold became the most cherished material for designing jewellery. In time the traditional art of jeweller appeared and so did jewellery brands. Jewellery brands often call upon a famous face to promote jewels.


Jewellery brands as precious gifts

A gift can often say more than words and the most beautiful gift remains a jewel. Important words go hand in hand with valuable jewellery, especially when wanting to put a wedding ring on a finger. For this reason it is better to call upon jewellery brands ensuring quality. In addition, most jewellery brands offer different contemporary and innovative collections. Jewellery brands exist in different price categories and various styles.


Jewellery brands for wedding rings

Sometimes an important gesture or occasion demands a high-quality jewel. Especially in the case of wedding rings only the best is good enough. That is the reason for choosing jewellery brands for a special jewel. Wedding rings still remain the most valued jewel. Choose therefore a durable jewel. 585 gold is still popular, however, dare to choose white gold wedding rings, titanium wedding rings, or even vintage rings.


Jewellery brands continue to be much appreciated  

For centuries people have been decorating their bodies in different ways. From make-up to painting and tattooing. The most common way to decorate the body, however, is by wearing ornaments and jewellery. Wearing jewellery differs according to culture. On average, however, a jewel is colourful and extremely valuable. Sometimes jewellery also has a symbolic or religious meaning. They are also a good fashion reference of a certain time period.


Jewellery is the ideal gift, especially one from valuable jewellery brands. A man can always please a woman with a stunning jewel. This can be a bracelet, a necklace, as well as a ring. Giving a woman a jewel symbolises the expression of feelings of love for their partner.


It used to be quite common for a man to court a woman through jewellery. Nowadays the average man takes longer to do so. Nevertheless, this is still what women long for. So what is preventing men from doing so?


Some men are too doubtful about their partner’s taste. They really want their partner to like the jewel, so that she will wear it with great pleasure. In addition, it is sometimes feared that giving a jewel may be interpreted as a sign to take the relationship to a next level. And in order to do so, the modern man likes taking the necessary time. Furthermore, a jewel is often more expensive than perfume or a flower bouquet. But nothing compares to the power of a carefully chosen, precious jewel.


Different jewellery brands

There are numerous jewellery brands. Van den Bosch en Van Ranst allow you to choose high-quality jewellery such as AMICI, Traditions, AURODESIGN, tessina, Pre Wedding Ringcollection and Mémoire  that are designed and traditionally made in Belgium. The unique and stylish collections are to be found at the recognized jeweller.