Mémoire keeps the memory alive

Mémoire jewellery is meant to cherish certain memories for ever and to immortalize beautiful moments. Mémoire wedding rings are perfectly adjustable throughout the years. Use the most precious diamonds to let your relationship shine. Choose Mémoire for an unforgettable wedding and a memory that will last a lifetime.


Brilliant memory with Mémoire

Mémoire jewellery is meant to cherish beautiful memories. It has a perfect finish and an outstanding quality. The jewellery is perfect for customizing and for choosing a completely personal style. The rings guarantee a lifelong comfort. Mémoire wedding rings always have a unique design and meaning. There is a huge range, both in terms of material choice and form, as well as use and fascinating, unique combinations.


Mémoire for beautiful memories

Unique design and possible customization offer Mémoire engagement and wedding rings the perfect opportunity to emphasize the different facets of love. The rings are appropriate for every unforgettable memory that needs to be sealed with a beautiful, unique ring. Celebrating a relationship, an exceptional gift for a special person, a memory of a wonderful journey or an extraordinary being together. Mémoire rings are for each and every unforgettable moment.


Magnificent Mémoire wedding rings

The Mémoire collection consists of high-quality, exquisite wedding rings, finished with carefully selected diamonds. The diamonds can be cut in various forms according to your own liking. They can also be used in Memoire wedding rings. The exquisite wedding rings are available in 18 ct and 14 ct gold so as not to forget the most beautiful moments. The choices are endless.


Mémoire rings evolve together with you

Mémoire wedding rings are ideal for growing with you and your relationship. In this way, the rings can be further modified by adding, for example, diamonds.

The number of brilliants in Mémoire wedding rings can, for instance, simply increase through the number of anniversaries. The wedding rings are perfectly adjustable throughout the years. After a few years, it is also possible to exchange the wedding ring for another Mémoire ring, at a certain additional fee.

Furthermore, they can get an additional meaning through adjusting the rings to each other so as to form a beautiful whole.


The added value of a stunning jewel

Throughout history, jewellery and ornaments have been mainly worn to decorate the body. They are available at the jeweller’s. Rings and other jewellery can be made of various materials, but the most common ones are gold and silver. Glass, plastic and tin, however, are also possible. Jewellery has numerous forms, including necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, nose rings, piercings, brooches, medallions, hairpins, tiaras and more. Jewellery can be finished with different precious stones. Carefully selected diamonds make the Mémoire rings and jewellery unforgettable. 


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