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The different ring collections of Van den Bosch & Van Ranst are handmade and manufactured with the utmost care. They are available at carefully selected and recognised jewellers. Recognised jewellers are members of Ars Nobilis, the High Council of Jewellery and Watches. This Belgian Association enforces compliance with the strict ethical code in the jewellery and watch industry.


A well-recognised jeweller offers high-quality collections. The jewellery provided meets high standards in terms of craftmanship. The collections have unique designs and use the finest materials. Recognised jewellers offer you gold, silver, other precious metals or pearls of the best quality. The range of jewellery is very wide: rings, bracelets and necklaces. Among the ring collections, the wedding ring is no longer the most popular as relationship rings and friendship rings are also doing quite well.


In addition, professional jewellers can also help you with jewellery made to measure. Each jeweller has his own method which makes him unique. This may involve orders, changes, as well as personal creations. Recognised jewellers have their own workshop with professional equipment that meets the newest and strictest standards. Like transforming an old, gold jewel into a new, contemporary one. A personal creation allows you to choose a unique jewel having no equal. Engraving, polishing and repairing jewellery is of course also possible.


Jewellery captures the imagination, creates feelings and has its own radiance. Choosing a jewel is very personal, for that reason you can count on face-to-face contact at the better class of jewellers. This personal approach translates, for example, into making an appointment in order to view the most beautiful items of the collections. In addition, you can count on professional service that guarantees you the right size and correct measurement. Naturally, there is an after-sales service and you can always count on expert advice.

Quickly find a recognised jeweller near you on our Find a jeweller page, and choose your favourite jewel among the quality AURODESIGNtessinaf'OrUPre Wedding RingcollectionAMICITraditions and Mémoire brands. 

Buy wedding rings before, during or after Corona

Buy wedding rings before, during or after Corona

Is your marriage being postponed because of the strict Corona measures? You don't have to worry about the engraving in the wedding rings. You can continue to count on our high service standards, we have even extended them!
Coming soon ... more Personal Ring Design!

Coming soon ... more Personal Ring Design!

Create your own unique bicolor wedding ring. Traditions, VdB&VR's most successful wedding ring collection that sticks to pure design and traditional style, triumphs over the holidays with Traditions Deluxe!
White gold wedding rings are more exclusive

White gold wedding rings are more exclusive

The raw material palladium, the silver-grey precious metal, has a record price. Its price has already increased by 40% since the beginning of this year. As a result, palladium has become more expensive than gold.