12P10WR/04€ 3.370
23P10W/01€ 1.002
15P20GW/22€ 2.048
21P15W/01€ 1.412
20P10W/27€ 1.410
24P15W/01€ 1.447
22P30W/01€ 2.714
02P20WV/15€ 2.878
19P10WG/28€ 1.249
13P40WW/30€ 5.989
06P10WB/20€ 1.640
16P20WW/30€ 2.574
26P30W/01€ 2.842
08P20WV/20€ 2.322
10P10WB/01€ 1.680
17P30GG/26€ 4.001
09P10RB/16€ 1.271
05P40GB/25€ 5.511
07P40GV/25€ 5.749
18P30GG/24€ 2.653
04P30RB/20€ 2.450
03P30WV/25€ 3.555
14P30WW/25€ 3.845
01P20RV/20€ 2.234
11P10RB/01€ 1.815
25P15W/01€ 1.651

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