Frequently asked questions

No, not every ring can be engraved. Most of our rings, however, are completely or partially engravable. Deciding whether or not to drill through a ring for the setting of brilliants will determine possible engraving.

Detailed information about the ring on this website immediately allows you to discover whether or not an engraving is possible or partially possible. Needless to say your jeweller will gladly inform you more, for he/she is perfectly informed about the engraving possibilities.

There are 12 different fonts to choose from. Click here for an overview.

Make your ring special by having a little symbol engraved between the names. We allow you to choose from 60 different symbols. Would you like a horse-drawn carriage or do you opt for a double hart? Do you prefer a LGB sign or perhaps a religious symbol? Your jeweller will gladly inform you more. Click here for an overview.

We engrave in an automated way using state-of-the-art laser technology.

Whether or not the engraving remains visible will depend on the material of the base ring. For example, the engraving will fade quicker in a gold ring than in a precious metal ring as gold is an extremely soft material.

The depth of the laser engraving varies. Outside, inside or side engraving of the ring requires a different depth. Determining the depth depends on, among other things, the material, shape, curve and surface reflection of the ring. Even the purity and colour of the gold play a role when programming the depth of the engraving.

This depends on the model and collection. Each ring from our Traditions collection can be engraved on the outside. The outside engraving of a ring is applied 6 times deeper than the inside one. The reason for this is because the outside of a ring is more subject to wear. It is applied so deeply that it remains visible forever and cannot be made undone.

The model and thickness of the ring will determine whether this is possible. This type of engraving is one of the possibilities of the Traditions collection. The Traditions 8T and 9T models having a thickness of 2,4 mm are the most suitable for side engraving of a ring. This engraving is applied 3 times deeper than the inside one. The reason for this is because the side of a ring is more subject to wear. It is applied deep enough, so fading is almost impossible.

You pay 23 Euros for applying a side engraving.

Our gold, platinum and palladium rings bear a maker’s mark and content mark telling you exactly who made them and how much carat gold is in your ring. In addition, all our rings have a minute, unique stamp indicating the production date. Each ring bears the hallmark of the collection to which it belongs.