Frequently asked questions

Stainless steel is a strong, pure and beautiful metal. This high-quality metal belongs to the family of stainless steels. There are different kinds of steel.

Wedding and partner rings in stainless steel combined with gold and diamonds are sober, sturdy, lasting and affordable.

All our rings are made from 430F steel as this is nickel-free. As a result, the chance of allergic reactions is very limited. This 430F type of steel is magnetic, but is not a magnet itself. We use 316L steel for those models in which we combine steel and gold. This type of steel contains nickel and chrome: it is not magnetic and is not a magnet itself.

Stainless steel has a grey colour.

The stainless steel ring is virtually scratch resistant and does not oxidise. The types of steel we use are of high quality and do not react if they come into contact with chlorine or if you go for a swim. 

Stainless steel is a metal alloy.

Stainless steel does not retain its purchase value.