Frequently asked questions

As a metal, it is very popular and easy to work with. It belongs to the copper group.

In ancient times silver was used as a means of payment and to apply decorations. Silver was linked to the gods, the moon and the sea. For young lovers or couples searching for an affordable quality ring.

Silver (Ag925) has a beautiful white shine. High-quality silver (Ag935) even looks a bit whiter.

Silver is a very soft material and it is subject to wear. Signs of wearing it such as scratches are inevitable. Silver jewellery can easily be repolished to look like new. Please visit your jeweller. Untreated silver oxidizes and becomes black and matt. Our silver rings (Ag925) receive a rhodium layer to counteract oxidation. This rhodium layer will fade through wear, but can be reapplied. Rings made out of the purer, high-quality silver (AMICI-box) are not rhodinized as they remain beautiful for a longer period of time. Depending on the type of skin and surrounding factors, rings can have a effect on the skin or their shine can change.

The most common alloy is a composition of 92,5% silver and 7,5% copper, or another metal (Ag925). For our AMICI box collection we use the Ag935 (93,5% silver) alloy, as such we talk about high-quality silver in its purest form.

Silver keeps its value. Although silver is not a precious metal, its price is subject to the fluctuation of international exchange rates and precious metals. For this reason, the selling price can differ from day to day.