Frequently asked questions

Palladium belongs to the group of platinum precious metals. This metal is used in alloys and also to turn yellow gold white.

Its greyish colour radiates discretion and something unusual. Palladium is a nice alternative to 18ct white gold. We combine Pd500 with natural white gold to create an unusual style.

In its purest form, palladium has a soft silver white colour. Palladium rings (Pd500) have a greyish white colour.

With regard to scratch resistance, palladium rings (Pd500) are very similar to 18ct gold. The big advantage is that the colour of palladium rings always remains the same and that the material does not oxidize. 

It is used in our rings in a 50% alloy (Pd500). We do not use the 95% (Pd950) alloy as a standard because the pure material is very difficult to work with.

Palladium (Pd500) does not keep its purchase value. The price of palladium is subject to the fluctuation of international exchange rates and precious metals. For this reason, the selling price can differ from day to day.