Frequently asked questions

The prices on this website are the officially published and valid sales prices, VAT included. Your jeweller has the possibility to consult our online price catalogue, this is the most efficient and fastest way to find the right price. 

No, the price of an engraving is not included in the published prices.

You pay 8 Euros for applying an inside engraving.

You pay 46 Euros for applying an outside engraving.

You pay 23 Euros for applying a side engraving.

This depends on what you want us to do. First we need to check whether it is technically possible to achieve what you are asking. We do this in consultation with our goldsmiths and diamond setters. If what you are asking is achievable, then we calculate a surcharge based on the amount of time and extra material needed to carry out the requested, special change. This is what we call a ‘special’. Your jeweller will gladly inform you more.

Most models already exist in different gold colours. If your ultimate choice does not already exist in your preferred colour, then you will sometimes pay a surcharge. There is no surcharge for changing from red to yellow or from yellow to red gold. For changes involving white gold, there usually is a surcharge. Your jeweller will gladly inform you more.

Pure gold has a shiny yellow colour. Pure gold is far too soft to work with and to prevent the ring from bending, an in-house alloy is made. For an 18 carat alloy you need 750 parts of pure gold and 250 parts of other metals. These metals influence the colour of the gold. To give the gold a white colour without using nickel, there is a lot of palladium (precious metal) in the alloy. This precious metal is more expensive than nickel, bronze or silver. To make the obtained champagne coloured (natural white) gold really white, we use electrolysis to apply a rhodium layer around the ring. So white gold rings are more expensive because of the use of palladium and the extra rhodium process.

The prices on this website are the officially published and valid sales prices, VAT included. The price of gold, platinum, palladium, silver and black steel is subject to the fluctuation of international exchange rates and/or precious metals. For this reason, the selling price can differ from day to day. The price of stainless steel and titanium does not fluctuate.

Within 6 months after the purchase or wedding date, the size of the ring is adjusted for free should it no longer fit. For a size adjustment 6 to 18 months after the purchase or wedding date, you need to pay a small service charge (S2). For a size adjustment as from 18 months after the purchase or wedding date (S3), you need to pay a slightly higher charge. This charge differs from ring to ring. Ask your jeweller about the price of the service levels when buying your ring.

All our Aurodesign, Tessina, Traditions, Mémoire, Pre Wedding Ringcollection, f’OrU and Amici rings are exclusively for sale at official jewellers or dealers. Click through to ‘Find a jeweller’ for the nearest point of sale.

The ring is delivered to your jeweller. Your dealer bears the costs. Logistical services are not included in the price of the ring.

Currently we do not have any wedding ring pillows available yet.

A free theft insurance is offered during a 3-year period for a gold (18ct,14ct), platinum or palladium ring from one of the collections of VdB&VR (Mémoire, AURODESIGN, Tessina, Traditions, f’OrU and Pre Wedding Ringcollection). 

Since August 2014 the certificate of authenticity and its content have been renewed. The most recent certificate of authenticity mentions all our collections. The insurance against loss is no longer offered in the current certificate. The old certificates, stipulating terms and conditions such as free insurance against loss, remain valid for the already purchased rings.

Please visit your jeweller for this service.

Please visit your jeweller first. Should your jeweller find that you lost the stone due to a manufacturing error, then we will set a new stone for free. There is a 2-year warranty against manufacturing errors. Normal wear does not fall under this warranty. Should you have lost the stone through exposing you ring to heavy forces or normal wear, then your jeweller will prepare a price estimate for the replacing and resetting of the stone.