Frequently asked questions

Platinum is a natural and exceptionally prestigious precious metal.

Do you like a silver white colour? Do you prefer precious metals? If you are not willing to have your rhodium-plated white gold ring polished every year so that it stays beautifully white, then you may want to consider choosing platinum. A platinum ring allows you to wear a ring of the purest material. Platinum is more prestigious and difficult to work with compared to gold. For this reason, we advise you to ask your jeweller whether your chosen ring can also be made in platinum. All rings of the ‘Traditions’ collection can be made in platinum.

It has a silver white colour. Platinum rings keep their same colour forever.

As platinum has a higher density than gold, platinum rings feel heavier than the same rings in gold. These rings are more scratch-resistant than gold ones. Platinum jewellery can easily be repolished to look like new. Please visit your jeweller. Platinum does not oxidize.

Platinum is nearly always used and worked with in its purest form. More precisely, in a 95% (Pt950) alloy. This metal is much more labour intensive and difficult to work with than gold.

Platinum keeps its value. The price of platinum is subject to the fluctuation of international exchange rates and precious metals. For this reason, the selling price can differ from day to day.