Frequently asked questions

We always talk about black steel. This is a different kind of steel than the common stainless steel and it belongs to the titanium group metals.

Relationship rings in Black Steel are very special. They look rugged and express a certain lifestyle. In combination with an amazing diamond you will be wearing a technological masterpiece on your finger.

This material has a dark grey colour. Rings become rich black through the hard layer formed by a certain step within the manufacturing process. If you were to cut the ring in half, then the middle part would still remain dark grey. For that reason the engravings are grey and not black. If scratches occur, they will be greyed out in the black ring. 

Polished black steel is extremely scratch-resistant. The matt finish is more sensitive. In addition, it is interesting to know that it is absolutely impossible to change something to your black steel ring once it has been finished.

Black steel is a metal alloy.

Black steel does not keep its purchase value.